Grape Tree is the UK’s fastest growing name in healthier eating. With over 140 stores across the nation and a blooming online shopping experience. We are bringing the finest natural whole foods to hundreds of thousands of customers at prices they can afford.

Launched in 2012 by entrepreneur Nick Shutts and partner Nigel Morris who together built the hugely successful Julian Graves brand of 350 stores. Grape Tree is all about feel good foods. That means fruits and treats that people really love for their taste and the links they may have with the past. But it also means giving real value for money so, our customers feel good when buying as well as eating.

The range includes 79 different dried fruit products. 84 different way of buying nuts. 40 different mixes. A wide choice of super foods and whole grains. 17 seed products and more than two dozen yoghurt products. Then there is the vast array of nutrition and energy bars. It also sells a wide range of home baking products including saffron, vanilla pods, herbs and spices as well as a collection of vintage candies.

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