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Ten things you should know about Prunes

Prunes are not what they used to be. At least not from an image point of view. Once an unappealing product associated with curing digestive issues they are now becoming recognised as a nutritious dried fruit with a flavour – and sweetness – deserving of a place in healthier mealtimes and elegant recipes.

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Ten things you should know about Walnuts

National newspapers have just revealed the latest in the never-ending story of how good walnuts are for our health. The Daily Express splashed “Walnuts Prevent Heart Disease” across its front page in reporting the findings of a researchers in Spain who studied the impact of walnut consumption on 700 healthy older adults.

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Ten things you should know about Dates

Dates are one of the oldest cultivated crops on earth. Date palms have been grown for so long – certainly thousands of years – that no one can be sure of the start date or where the story began. The first fruits may have been gathered in Iraq and certainly they became a staple food […]

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