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Nourishing Amelia Recipes

Nourishing Amelia recipes are a result of a decision to make a dramatic change to diet and lifestyle after Amelia was diagnosed with both Coeliac Disease and the hormonal condition Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Rather than rely on over the counter medicine, she used food to nourish and heal from within.

So, she adopted a completely plant-based diet cutting out “artificial foods, preservatives and weird chemicals”. A year on and the 21 year old – real name Amelia Littlejohn – is practically symptom-free. She now shares her recipes through her website and social media. She says “I’m all about counting goodness, enjoying your food, feeling satisfied and being happy”.

We are delighted to be working with Amelia to bring you a range of delicious, nutritious healthy recipes that are full of goodness. In our latest collaboration you can find a great and satisfying recipe for peanut stir fry with quinoa. Plus, always great for the new year is a cleansing soup recipe.  It’s warming and comforting but also a really nourishing, healthy and hearty lentil soup. We really hope you enjoy!

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