Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time Arterial Stiffness Test - Possibly the most important test you will ever have.

Ageing is inevitable for all of us, however, the speed at which we age is in our hands. Find out how you can check your arteries through the Turn Back Time Arterial Stiffness Test.

What causes ageing?

Due to a combination of poor diet, lifestyle and stress your arteries stiffen and restrict the amount of blood being delivered to your vital organs such as your heart, brain and skin. This can manifest itself in different ways, for example it can cause: - chest pains - low energy - loss of libido - wrinkles - bags under the eyes - high blood pressure - poor memory - heart attack - stroke

Why get tested?

Stress and anxiety could cause your arteries to narrow - Atherosclerosis will cause 1 in 3 of us to suffer a heart attack - Have a quick, painless test using patented technology from one of the worlds leading medical manufacturers - Let us show you how improving arterial health can help reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke and slow down the ageing process

How does the test work?

The device measures changes in blood volume caused by pulse waves. By detecting the pulse wave pattern and calculating the volume of blood being delivered, the condition of your arteries and the amount of oxygen being delivered to your skin and vital organs can be ascertained. Results are then analysed by specialist software and your arterial health and biological age are calculated along with a full report and recommendations.

Scary Facts

- Strokes are the third most common cause of death in the UK, yet in 80% of cases there are no prior symptoms

- 191,000 people dies last year as a result of a heart attack or stroke - 50% of men and 64% of women who died from a heart attack or stroke had no previous symptoms