Time for a Detox

If you have had a little over-indulgence and too little activity it could be just the time for a body Spring clean. And Detox Tea from Natur Boutique is just the answer.

Created in Vietnam it contains a blend of Oolong tea, mate leaves, ginger root, fennel seeds, lemongrass, dandelion leaf, gotus cola leaves, nettle and ginseng root.

“Our Detox Tea brings together a combination of high-quality natural ingredients to help both the body and mind” says the producers “each ingredient plays a specific role, leading not only to a highly effective drink but a tasty one too”.

Oolong Tea is made from the same plants as green and black tea. While Oolong is partially fermented black tea is fully fermented and green tea is not fermented at all.

Oolong contains caffeine and is associated with stimulating the central nervous system as well as other health benefits. Mate leaves come from the Yerba Mate bush, a member of the holly family. They are widely used as a beverage in Central and South America.

Gotu Cola, a member of the parsley family, is the herb commonly used in traditional medicine in China, India and Indonesia.

Detox Tea 14 Day Pack is just £8.99