Grape Tree

Grape Tree-mendous Prices!

When it comes to healthy eating there is a basic factor that can be as crucial as food quality, nutritional benefits and taste. The cost.

And a recent snap survey has shown just how dramatically Grape Tree out performs other suppliers. In a comparison of ten popular products Grape Tree prices were on average an astonishing 40 per cent lower than a leading High Street competitor.

In three cases the Grape Tree products cost less than HALF those of the opposition the survey was based on the cost of buying 100g of each product. In the most spectacular case – pitted prunes – the Grape Tree price tag was 67 per cent less. New Season’s Brazils and Apricots were both 55 per cent lower and California Almonds were 49 per cent down.

At least thirty per cent cheaper were Raw Cashews and Walnut Halves and Pieces. Sunflower Seeds were 29 per cent less. In total the cost of 100g of each product at Grape Tree amounted to just £7.60. At the other supplier the total bill amounted to £13.35.

Grape Tree founder Nick Shutts commented “It is written into the Grape Tree Guarantee that we will work tirelessly to bring our customers quality foods from around the world that offer tree-mendous value. And this snap survey demonstrates how sincerely we mean that.

“From the very formation of Grape Tree, it has been our intention to keep prices down. We are often being told that one of the reasons our nation does not eat more healthily is the cost. These figures show that we are doing our best to make quality, health-giving foods available to the largest number of people possible. This is, of course, only a snap shot. But I sincerely believe that it accurately reflects the kind of difference we are making throughout the year. And it does not even include the regular on line offers that cut prices even more.”